Parish Precept

The Parish Precept is the amount of money that Doncaster Council is asked to collect on our behalf, and all monies are spent on matters supporting the residents of Auckley Parish. To allow for inflation and various projects in the pipeline, the precept has been increased to £38,000 for the 2018/2019 financial year which will be an increase of approximately £1 on residents' parish rate.

Planning Application to Construct New Access to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The Parish Council led a vigorous campaign to oppose the proposed access, due to serious traffic problems relating to Hurst Lane. We were supported by a large number of residents concerned about the proposal, and our three District Councillors who all spoke to oppose the application when it was considered by DMBC's Planning Committee on 9th January 2018. However, the Committee voted 3 to 2 in favour of the application, with 2 abstentions. This is a disappointing result, but we will fight the decision and are currently in consultation with various parties.

Auckley Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Residents, supported by the Parish Council, have established a Neighbourhood Plan Group and have met on 3 occasions. The next meeting will be held at the Auckley Parish Centre on Monday, 5th February 2018, commencing at 6.30 p.m. Anyone who is interested in having a say in the future of Auckley is invited to attend.

The Tour de Yorkshire

The Tour de Yorkshire is set to return to Doncaster, with the first stage of the men's and women's race taking place on Thursday, 3rd May 2018. The route will take in the towns and villages of Sykehouse, Fishlake, Stainforth, Hatfield Woodhouse, Blaxton, Auckley and Bennetthorpe. In the case of Auckley, the riders will be cycling along Mosham Road, from the direction of Blaxton, before turning into Hurst Lane and travelling its length before emerging at the A638 Great North Road. Information of the route through the Borough is available on: and


Neighbourhood Plan

In recent times Auckley Parish has undergone many changes and developments which are continuing at a rapid rate. In response, the Parish Council, together with a steering group of resident representatives and after consultation with all our Parish community, are to formulate a Neighbourhood Plan. When adopted the plan would be in statute, a legal document that Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council would refer to before making decisions that affect Auckley Parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan is our/your chance to preserve and develop the future of this community. Over the coming weeks all residents will have opportunities to voice their concerns and aspirations for Auckley Parish and decide what our plan should contain. PLEASE take the opportunities. GET INVOLVED in shaping the future of Auckley.

If you would like to be involved with this project or require further details please contact Ronnie Dobson - email:

Christmas Carol Singing

You are invited to come and sing Christmas carols on Tuesday 12 December 2017 at 7.00 p.m. This event will be held under cover in the Eagle and Child car park, with musical accompaniment from the Armthorpe Elmfield Band.



Annual Parish Council Meeting

Mrs. J. Worthington and Mr. S. Featherstone were unanimously re-elected as Chair and Vice Chair respectively at the Annual meeting of Auckley Parish Council held on 10th May 2017. More details relating to the Council can be viewed on the Council web site:

Provision of Pedestrian Crossing

Following a campaign for the provision of a pedestrian crossing at Hurst Lane outside the Hayfield School, DMBC's Highway Officers have agreed that a crossing is feasible at this location. However the cost to undertake the work will be approximately £30,000 and, with no funds currently available, the Parish Council has been writing to businesses and organisations in the area to ask if they might consider giving a donation. Two local Parish Councils with children in the school's catchment area have pledged funds towards the project, and offers from other sources are in the pipeline.

Speeding Traffic on Main Street

DMBC's Highways Officer agreed to undertake a traffic/pedestrian survey near the Lidgett Crossroads after the Easter holidays. This followed complaints from residents and the Parish Council that the volume and speed f traffic on Main Street is making it difficult for residents to cross the road. Unfortunately the survey has had to be postponed until later in the year due to road works which are scheduled to take place over several weeks in the Summer.

Provision of Recreational Equipment at Hayfield Lane

Some progress has finally been made concerning the provision of recreational facilities on the former RAF sports field at Hayfield Lane. Staff from Peel have had meetings with Officers from DMBC and Parish Councillors to work out a suitable scheme and, once this is finalised, a planning application will be submitted later this year. The project will include a football field, a MUGA, Under 5's play area and a small sports pavilion.



Traffic Concerns

A number of residents attended the Annual Parish Meeting, held on 8th March, to express their concerns regarding the dangers of crossing Main Street (B1396) near the Lidgett Cross- roads, due to the increased volume/speed of traffic, including HGV's, now using the road. The Parish Council shares these concerns and has campaigned for traffic lights, incorporating a pedestrian crossing, to be provided at the Crossroads. The Local Authority's Highways Department has now been requested to undertake another traffic/pedestrian survey at this location which will hopefully lead to some action being taken. Meanwhile, Council is continuing to apply for funding from various organisations in order to provide a crossing on Hurst Lane outside the Hayfield School.

Commemorating End of World War I

Next year will mark one hundred years since the end of World War I. A brass plaque was placed on the rear wall of the village pinfold to mark the commencement of hostilities in 1914, and any resident wishing to make a suggestion to commemorate the end of the war in 1918 is invited to contact the Clerk or any Parish Councillor. (Clerk Mrs. M. Caygill Tel: 01302 770922 Email:

Dogs Fouling on Riverside Park

Council is concerned to learn that a minority of dog owners are allowing their pets to exercise off the lead on the Riverside football pitch. As a result, the pitch has become contaminated with dog waste which is extremely unpleasant for anyone wishing to play football on the ground. Dog walkers are reminded that they must always clean up after their pets and use bins provided at the park and, to prevent further problems, it would be appreciated if they could avoid using both the football pitch and children's play area. The Dog Enforcement Officers are aware of this matter, and will be patrolling the park.

Council Web Site

The Parish Council's web site address is as follows: The site includes information relating to the Council including agendas for the forthcoming meeting, minutes of recent meetings, newsletters, etc. and a facility is provided which enables members of the public to email their comments to the Council In addition, there are details of Auckley local schools and the Auckley Parish Centre.

Parish Council Meetings

Council meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month (apart from August), commencing at 7.00 p.m. and are currently based at the Auckley Parish Centre, although negotiations are taking place for some meetings in the future to be held in the Hurst/Hayfield Lane area. Council is grateful to members of the public who attend meetings and give their support.




Dog Fouling

Progress is continuing to be made on the matter of dog fouling. New signs have been erected and ‘Clean It Up’ doggie signs painted on footways to remind the public that it is an offence to allow dogs to foul the highway and footways. Please remember the public rights of way along the River Torne bank, Eastfield Lane and Bell Butts Lane, etc. are NOT excluded from the dog fouling regulations. Community First Wardens regularly monitor the village and will fine offenders. If a resident identifies a problem please contact Community First (tel. 01302 736000), or a Parish Councillor.

Responsible dog owners always carry a plastic bag with them and deposit dog waste in one of the bins provided. A new bin for dog waste has been installed on the path leading from Common Lane to Rossmoor Close, and there are 3 further bins on Riverside Park.

Dog waste bins on the Hayfield Estate are situated at the following locations:

Oak Tree Avenue
Fir Tree Avenue
Area between Apple Grove and Lime Avenue
Area between Hawthorne Road and Holly Road
Area between Sycamore Drive and Hazel Avenue
Poplar Way near junction with Sycamore Drive 

DMBC's Neighbourhood Services - dog fouling awareness competition.

DMBC's Neighbourhood Services recently organised a competition for the pupils of the two junior schools in Auckley Parish to raise awareness of the problems associated with dog fouling in the village, and involved the children drawing or painting a poster for this purpose.  The Parish Council donated funds to provide a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for each school.
The two schools involved were Auckley Junior and Infants' School and Hayfield Lane Primary School.

Auckley winners - Double click to view

1st Amber Dixon Y4

2nd Jessica Pericleous Y3

3rd Eve Needham Y1

Hayfield winners - Double click to view

1st Danielle Fox Yr2

2nd Lois Rafferty Yr5

3rd Isabelle Simpson Yr1






The web Site address is:
Information currently displayed includes:

Names and addresses of Council Members and Clerk Details of Council meetings, i.e. agendas for forthcoming meetings, minutes, general information
Links to local schools
A list of activities
A short history of the village

We would welcome any suggestions for items and information relating to the village, e.g. historical items, local news, local organisations, etc. Details may be sent to the Clerk or any ember of the Council.


Dumped Rubbish

This is an ongoing problem, particularly along Common Lane. The ‘Flag It’ scheme (Tel 736050) generally responds quickly to a call to remove such items. Community First Wardens are obviously keen to trace any offenders and have them prosecuted. However, their advice to the public is – do not remove any evidence of names/addresses found amongst dumped rubbish, please phone ‘Flag It’, and their staff will deal with it as soon as possible.