Present: Mrs. J. Worthington (Chairperson), Mrs. D. Fiddler, Mr. G. Payne, Mrs. S. Platts,

         Ms. J. Staniforth, Mr. I. Swainston, Mr. G. Warrender

         Stronger Communities Officer, Stephen Racjan

         In attendance Mrs. M. Caygill (Clerk)

Before the start of the meeting a period of 15 minutes is allocated for public participation.

No member of the public attended.

1. To Receive Apologies - Received and accepted from Mr. S. Featherstone and Mr. I. Butterfield.

2. To Receive Declarations of Other Interests and Any Amendments - None received.

3. To Approve Minutes of the Previous Meeting Held on 9th December 2015

The minutes were approved and signed as a true record.

4. To Receive Community Police Report

a) South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner - The Commissioner will be attending the

February Council meeting and his office will be contacting the Clerk to ascertain any issues

or suggestions that Members might wish to bring to his attention.

b) Incident Reported in December 2015 - An incident occurred on 22nd December when a car was

seen to crash into a wall on Ellers Lane, passengers emerged from the vehicle and ran away with

what appeared to be weapons of some sort. The Clerk wrote to the usual PCSO contact to ask

for information but was advised to write to the Doncaster East LPT.

5. To Receive Report From District Councillor/Community Officer

Mr. S. Racjan reported on the following matters:

a) New Dual Bin on Bell Butts Lane - This will be emptied weekly.

b) Dog Fouling Stencils - Orders have been placed for stencils to be provided at Bell Butts Lane,

Dursley Court and Hurst Lane, and a request was made for some at Ellers Lane.

Mr. Racjan advised that dog fouling should generally be reported to DMBC but Council may

inform him if the problem exacerbates.

c) The Queen's 90th Birthday - A scheme has been suggested to tidy up villages in order to

commemorate the Queen's birthday.

District Councillor Mr. S. Cox sent his apologies for being unable to attend the meeting. but has an

update on the ongoing problem of water standing at the Hayfield Lane/First Avenue Junction. He

has spoken with a member of staff at Peel and evidently they are waiting for a final signature from a

director on holiday before starting work on providing more soakaways to relieve the problem. On

the particular day when he spoke with Peel they were deploying 3 tankers pumping out the drain,

each with a capacity of 1200 gallons.

6. Matters Arising from the December Minutes

a) Untidy land Adjacent Nisa Store - DMBC's Environmental Officers have visited the site and both

agree that the owner has undertaken sufficient works as requested under the notice they served,

the current situation is not detrimental to the amenity, and therefore they cannot pursue further

action. The area has been totally cleared apart from concrete blocks that are neatly stacked, and

are there for the partition walls of the new units. There is also a pile of soil that will go back in

the hole when the water supply has been completed.

RESOLVED - It was agreed to write before the May meeting to enquire regarding progress.

b) Dog Waste Bins - DMBC to be asked to empty the bin near the steps on the recreation ground

leading to the River Way access. A reply awaited regarding Council's request for stickers to be

placed on dual bins to indicate these can be used for both litter and dog waste.

c) Dogs Fouling Link Road Footway - Peel's Building Manager advises that DMBC is not

providing dog waste bins because this is a private site, but she is arranging for their landscapers

to supply bins and they will also dispose of poop scoop bags that have been dumped on and

around the footway.

RESOLVED It was agreed to write and ask DMBC whether dog bins could be provided on the

new housing estate off the link road, possibly at the entrance to the site.


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6. Matters Arising (continued)

d) Proposed Reduction in Speed Limit Outside Hayfield School - Caroline Flint, M.P. has written to

DMBC on behalf of the Parish Council to seek confirmation of when plans will be forthcoming.

e) Proposed Sixth Form College - An answer is awaited. Agreed to leave until the February meeting

f) Deteriorating Highway Surfaces - DMBC Highways Officer advises that they are aware of all the

sites which Council has reported, i.e. Gatehouse Lane, Hayfield Lane and Main Street, and points

out that these areas have been brought to their attention previously by the Council. All the sites

mentioned have regular safety inspections carried out on them and action is taken on any defects

needing intervention. Presently there are no maintenance works planned for these sites but

they will continue to be monitored and action taken when deemed necessary.

g) Sports Field Hedge Overhanging Footway - It was reported that Peel's landscapers have trimmed

the hedge, apart from a holly bush still overhanging the footway and Peel is to be informed of this

h) Untidy Hedge Bordering Cambrian Properties - DMBC Highways Officer advises that the hedges

belong to the occupiers of the houses. The Authority's adoption boundary goes up to but not

including the hedges. The Clerk to ask the Communities Officer whether the Local Authority has

a standard letter that can be sent to residents to address this particular situation.

i) Soil Filling Recreation Ponding Area, - The Director who organised the landfill operation reports

that he has forwarded Council's letter to the contractor to make him aware of the issue. A large

amount of soil was required to fill the area, and the contractor did screen the material as much as

possible, given the quantities involved. to ensure that any dangerous objects were removed both

before transportation and following delivery on site. He will be happy to visit the site if any

further problem occurs.

j) Gaps in Hedge Bordering Co-Operative Car Park - The Director of the development will speak

again to the owner of the retail unit. The latter had earlier pointed out that the hedge was

removed when drainage was laid through the hedge, and he was going to check and see whether it

would be possible to re-plant over the line of the sewer. If not, would Council prefer the small

isolated section to be removed.

RESOLVED - Members were agreed that they would prefer the hedge to be retained and were

confident that it would be possible to plant hedging over the sewer.

k) Possible Water Supply on Village Green - Pending.

7. To Approve Quarterly Internal Audit and Budget Monitoring Report

The quarterly internal audit has been checked and signed as correct by the 2 designated Members of


RESOLVED - Council approved the audit and budget summary.

8. To Consider Quotations to Undertake Riverside Park Ground Maintenance Contract 2016/17

Three firms were invited to tender for the maintenance contract of the Riverside recreation ground

which consists of grass cutting the 14 acre site, strimming round the whole boundary, plus round

trees, bollards, etc., removing, painting and re-instating goal posts and renovation of the goal mouths.

Quotations were received from Glendale and North Notts Landscapes as follows:

North Notts Landscapes 5,050.00

Glendale 2,695.80

RESOLVED - Following discussion Mrs. Platts proposed that the lower quotation from Glendale

be accepted, the proposal was seconded by Ms. Staniforth, and the motion was carried.

9. To Review Clerk's Working Hours from 1st April 2016

The Clerk currently works 12 hours per week, but increasing new legislation and information now

being received from YLCA and NALC means more work, and an additional hour per week would

compensate for this.

RESOLVED - Following discussion, Mr. Warrender proposed that the Clerk be awarded an

additional hour per week with effect from 1st April 2016. This was seconded by Mrs. Platts, and the

motion was carried.



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10. To Consider Council's Annual Budget for 2016/2017

Predicted expenditure up to 31st March 2016 is: 32,102.00

Predicted income up to 31st March 2016 is: 34,342.00

It was agreed to earmark the sum of 2,400.00 for community funds, and the following items are to

be considered:

Provision of a defibrillating machine based in the pavilion

A running water supply on the village green

Possible provision of a seat in bus shelter near Lidgett Crossroads (currently being considered by

SYPTE's Infrastructure Team)

11. To Decide Council's Precept for 2016/2017 Financial Year

RESOLVED - Following discussion, Mrs. Platts proposed that Council precept for the sum of

32,495.00, ( i.e. 30,834.00 precept plus 1,661.00 grant). The proposal was seconded by

Mr. Payne, and the motion was carried.

12. To Discuss Highway Matters

a) FARRRS Road Phase 2 - Some Members had attended meetings arranged for anyone who

wishes to view the plan, ask questions and make comments on the proposals.

RESOLVED - Members agreed to write to DMBC with their comments on the project, namely

that they support the proposed road but have concerns regarding the additional amount of water

which will be draining into the River Torne via a field drain from the new housing development

and existing link road, plus more water when Phase 2 is completed. There are also concerns re.

toxic waste.

b) Car Parked on Mosham Road Verge - It was reported that a car has been reported parked half

way on the highway verge and half way into the old quarry land. Council to monitor.

c) Hedge Outside Hayfield Court - DMBC to be asked to trim back the hawthorn hedge which is

overhanging the footway.

d) Damaged Grass Verges - The Clerk to inform DMBC that a stretch of the verge on Hayfield

Lane has been damaged after a tractor has evidently been driven over it.

e) Unlit School Signs, Hayfield Lane - It was reported that two posts have been installed at

Hayfield Lane outside the Hayfield Primary School. These are in readiness for flashing lights to

be operated outside the school to denote that the speed limit is reduced to 20 mph during school

times. Lights have been attached to the new post opposite the Nisa Store, but no lights as yet

have been fixed to the post near the Co-Operative Store. DMBC to be reminded of this matter.

f) Cars in Garden of Main Street Property - Concerns were expressed regarding a large amount of

cars and 2 caravans stored in the front garden of a property on Main Street which could pose a

fire risk. The Clerk to bring this matter to the attention of the Environmental Health Dept.

g) Pothole, Hayfield Lane - DMBC to be informed of a pothole on the highway surface at the

Hayfield Lane/ Sycamore Drive Junction.

h) Hanson Temporary Cement Plant - It was agreed to write and thank the management of the

quarry for keeping the road outside the plant clean and free from debris whilst the temporary

cement plant was working close to the road.

13. To Discuss Recreation Matters ayfi

a) Tree Trimming - An inspection was made of the wooded copse to the rear of Sandhill Rise

properties after a large tree branch broke off and fell onto a resident's fence. It was found that the

tree requires a small amount of trimming, and Mr. Swainston kindly offered to undertake this

work. The resident of a neighbouring property has been contacted regarding a tall tree to the rear

of her garden which might block light and be a problem, but no response has been received.

b) Request for Warning Sign on Gate - The Manager of the Auckley Football Team has asked

whether Council would consider installing a sign on the metal gate leading to the football field

with a warning that this access must be kept clear in case an ambulance is called to attend anyone

playing on the field. The sign will deter motorists who tend to park in front of the gate.

RESOLVED - It was agreed to ask Jubb Signs for a quotation.


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13. To Discuss Recreation Matters (continued)

d) Christmas Carol Singing - It was reported that approx. 40 people attended the carol singing

event outside the Eagle and Child Public House on 22nd December. Mr. Fletcher was thanked

for kindly providing a shelter to keep everyone warm and dry, and serving hot soup.

e) Proposed Donation to Thorne Lions - A suggestion was made to give a donation to the Thorne

Rural Lions Club whose members visit the village each Christmas with their decorated sleigh

and entertain local children with Christmas music.

RESOLVED - Following discussion, Mr. Payne proposed that a donation in the sum of 50 be

given to the Lions Club. This was seconded by Mrs. Platts, and the motion was carried by a

majority. Ms. Staniforth did not support the decision.

4. To Discuss Pension Provision for Automatic Enrolment

The Clerk has been advised by the Pension Authority that a letter must be sent to employees near to

the appropriate staging date for Council, i.e. 6th June 2016. If an employee requests a pension

there are various private firms, or the Government 'Nest' Scheme.

RESOLVED - Council agreed to opt for the 'Nest' Scheme, in the event of their employee making

a request to join a pension scheme.

15. To Decide Items to be Published in the February Newsletter

Council's Precept

Christmas carol singing

Proposed reduction in speed limit at Hurst Lane

FARRRS Road Phase 2

Dog fouling.

16. To Select Items to be Displayed on Web Site

The items for the February newsletter to be featured on the web site.

17. To Consider Proposed Increase in YLCA Membership Subscriptions 2016/17

Council is advised that the recent A.G.M. meeting of the National Association of Local Councils

agreed an 18% increase in the membership fee due in part to its plan to expand services, and

promote the parish sector, combined with the need to bolster its low level of financial reserves.

Yorkshire Local Councils Associations strongly opposed the increase but were in a minority.

However, YLCA has agreed to soften the financial blow to members by using some of its reserves

to levy a 4.9% increase. RESOLVED - Council was concerned to learn of the increase, but

agreed that the advice received from both Associations is invaluable.

18. To Consider New External Audit Arrangements from April 2017

The Audit Commission ceased to exist on 1st April 2015 and a new company has recently been

created to take over the appointment of external auditors. Parish Councils need to make a decision

on whether to remain automatically opted-in to the new Sector-Led Body or decide to opt-out

which would mean Council making its own arrangements for choosing an auditor.

RESOLVED - It was agreed to remain with the Sector-Led Body.

19. To Receive Report of Meetings - None reported.

20. To Consider Planning Application:

No. 15/02356/FUL - Extension of dropped kerb to widen access to parking area

Post Office, Hayfield Lane, Auckley, Doncaster

Council had no objections or comments to make in respect of the application.

21. To Report Decisions Made by DMBC's Planning Committee

Planning permission was granted to the following applications:

a) No. 15/02625/FUL - Single storey flat roof annex building to rear

4 Orchard Walk, Auckley, Doncaster

b) No. 15/02557/ADV - Display of 4 non-illuminated signs

Hill House School, Sixth Avenue, Auckley, Doncaster

22. To Receive Correspondence

a) Minutes of the Meeting of Public Rights of Way

b) December White Rose Way

c) New Year Message from South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

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23. To Approve Banking Transactions and Signing of Cheques

BACS no. 90 Glendale Countryside (Grounds maintenance) 91.46

BACS no. 91 N Power (Pavilion electricity) 35.77

BACS no. 92 Staff charges 2,122.08

BACS no. 93 Staff charges 195.76

BACS no. 94 HMRC (Employee tax &N.I) 148.03

BACS no. 95 HMRC (Employee tax) 2.20

BACS no. 96 Parish Centre (Hire for January meeting) 24.75

BACS no. 97 Yorkshire Water (Allotments water rates) 6.86

24. To Confirm Date and Time of Next Meeting

It was agreed to hold the next meeting on Wednesday, 10th February 2016, commencing at

7.00 p.m. at the Auckley Parish Centre.









Chairperson ............................................